My Fax Broadcast

Why should I fax broadcast ?

Fax broadcasting is still the best tool for your business in Canada,USA and the UK. We Guarantee from 1 cent to all of Canada. Fax blasting generates exposure for your business to thousand in minutes. Use our fax blast campaigns to send company newletters, memos to customers or suppliers or to get new business leads. Fax Marketing Canada can help you generate new customers for your business with our fax blasting campaigns. Fax Marketing Canada Severs will always send 100% of your campaign.

Begin fax broadcasting immediately!

  • No contract or setup fees like other competition
  • Send 1000 of faxes day or night
  • All you need is a Fax List and Document and you are ready
  • Fax Broadcasts as many jobs as you like
  • Online / Real-time fax broadcast interactive
  • "Do Not Fax" updated everyday
  • Fax marketing Canada will Personalize your documents with Mail Merge at no additional charge